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Specializing in Immigrations,

Real Estate, Business Closings, Deeds & Labor



H1B / Green Cards / Business Visa / Citizenship / Labor Certification / Real Estate Closings / Deeds / Short Sales / Foreclosures

Welcome to Law Office of Jayshree Patel



The Law Offices of Jayshree Patel have been engaged exclusively in the practice of immigration and nationality law for nearly twenty years. The firm has earned its premier reputation with consistent success in representing corporations, businesses and individual clients throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, India and nations across the world.

As a distinguished immigration and realty law provider, we represent clientele across a wide gamut of industries, including information technology, telecommunications, biotechnology, finance, printing, manufacturing, medical (nurses and doctors) and academic institutions. Our full range of immigration law services include all Visa and immigration categories such as Employment / Green Card / Family, B / B1 / B2, F, H, IR, J, L, TN, etc., as well as situations demanding urgent and immediate remediation with USCIS, NVC, Department of Labor, Consulate etc.

An important determining factor to consider when choosing an immigration law firm is “do they care?” What distinguishes our immigration practice from others is our highly experienced staff dealing with “people” in the real world of immigration and naturalization. Our satisfaction is derived by helping businesses grow through immigration; helping families and individuals obtain employment or a new home country and in general live the “American Dream” which has been bringing immigrants to the USA for over two centuries. Consequently we work human being to human being, giving each undeniable respect.

Real Estate, Business Closings etc.

Our firm also provides premier services within Real Estate Law for Residential and Commercial Real-estate Sales, Purchases, Closings, Deeds, Lending, Short-sales, Foreclosures, Contracts etc. We have a dedicated staff to take care of all your Buyer or Seller questions, processes and documentation from start to finish. Our office represents clients for residential, commercial and business transactions in the State of NJ.  We also service domestic and International adoption clients.

The primary focus of our firm is to provide the highest quality in legal services and the best customer care at costs that are both reasonable and competitive. Our goal is to guide you and provide a seamless environment between client and attorney throughout any legal process. We offer an open, accessible law firm, willing to represent your interests ethically, zealously and expeditiously.

We welcome any inquiries you may have regarding our services. Please contact our office to request an early appointment or a quick telephone consultation regarding your needs.


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