Mrs. Jayshree J. Patel is an acclaimed attorney with particular focus on Immigration and Real Estate Law for nearly 2 decades

With offices in Edison and Tenafly NJ, she has established herself as a renowned and distinguished practitioner, helping countless cases achieve success across a broad range of issues in both Immigration and Real Estate

The primary focus of our firm is to provide services to individuals, families, small and mid-sized companies and corporations who seek deep experience, dedication and someone who can get the job done. All this while keeping costs low and competitive. Beyond costs, it is the invaluable relief and satisfaction that can only be imparted by the success of your case, be it solving a dire immigration issue or closing on the impossible short-sale

Personalized, efficient and affordable services to you is the cornerstone we provide to build the foundation of your family, home or business. By ensuring quality and timeliness of the work entrusted with us, regardless of complexity, we have garnered the trust of hundreds of companies and individuals


Our office represents clients for residential, commercial and business transaction in the State of NJ.  We also service domestic and International adoption clients


  • Family and Citizenship / IR, CR, K, E, F, V, DV, SB etc.

  • Visitor, Business / B / B1

  • Visitor, Tourism / B / B2 / VWP

  • Study and Exchange / F, M

  • Religious Workers / R

  • Employment / H, L, O, P, I,   TN / TD

  • Exchange Visitor / J

  • Transitional Worker / CW

  • Cultural Exchange / P

  • Investor / E

  • Adoptions


  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Sales

  • Purchases

  • Closings

  • Deeds

  • Lending

  • Short-sales

  • Foreclosures

  • Contracts



Jayshree J. Patel, ESQ  
Attorney At Law
22 Meridian Rd, Unit 13
Edison, NJ 08820

Phone: (732) 494 1888

Fax: (732) 494 7771

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